CPS 9th Grade Application Update for 2022-2023

Dear parents, here is important information regarding 9th grade admissions for CPS this upcoming school year. Project: VISION will be doing a CPS 9th Grade Application workshop later this fall.

CPS will not be administering the NWEA in Spring 2021 anymore for entry into 9th grade. In replacement of the NWEA, CPS will be administering a single test called the “CPS High School Admissions Test.”

This exam will now be used to determine placement into selective high schools and choice programs. Due to a new exam, the points scale for selective enrollment high schools will now be a possible maximum of 450 points, based on these areas:

  • Students’ 7th grade grades

  • CPS admissions exam

This test will be administered in the fall for 9th grade applicants

  • CPS students will take the test on a weekday at school

  • Non-CPS students will take the test on a weekend

CPS will send families more information about this exam and how to register in September. Non-CPS families, if you have not completed a request form for more information, you can complete it here:

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