High School Tutoring Requirements


Every week, throughout the school year, high school students are expected to attend: 

  • Their assigned days of tutoring (1 hour minimum)

High School Service and Leadership Requirements

All high school students are required to complete these requirements:

  • Each student will participate in 1 designated “leadership” program 

  • Each student will complete their Postsecondary Planning requirements

  • Each student will complete 2 service-learning projects 

Arts and Activism

Project: WOW

Project: Watch Out World (WOW) will match high school students with a paid internship in summer 2022 to become ready for the workplace through training in essential employability skills and competencies. 

Arts & Activism

PV High School students in grades 9-12 will work in groups to create bodies of artwork that help shed light and empower others to take action on different social issues.